Test Anxiety: What a law student says abou the Conquer Test Anxiety Program

I have had Test Anxiety for many years. My anxiety affected my Law School exams all the way back to my High School exams. I would panic, stress, and worry when it came time to take exams even though I knew the material. I would just freeze up. When I found Dr. Granat’s “How to Conquer your Test Anxiety” I found a wonderful solution to my problem. I truly love and enjoy the program as whole because it is excellent and it works. However, I have certain techniques that are my favorite such as the candle, the bath, the music, the campfire, the Y trance, the wound, the Cognitive, and the Serenity Prayer just to name a few. I practice all the techniques I learned throughout the program daily. I recommend this to anyone who suffers from Test Anxiety so you too can conquer your test anxiety and prevent it from getting in the way of your success just as I have. Now you will be able to choose your favorites out of the program.
Jasmine Stokes

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